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Snooker Bumper pool Cue BALL 2 1/8" White Replacement.


Snooker Bumper pool Cue BALL 2 1/8" White Replacement.


       2 1/8 ” Aramith Cue ball  NEW replacement


Made in Belgium, ball is regulation size and weight.  The Aramith balls are known around the world as the best balls in the industry.  Their quality standards are unbeatable.  Long lasting luster and perfect roundness.  For home or commercial use. PREMIER


This ball replaces:

  • 2 1/8 inch white snooker cue ball
  • 2 1/8 bumper pool ball
  • cue ball from a 2.125 inch pool ball set


Go to your pool table right now and check your balls for nicks, chips or cracks.  These defects will wear the felt out in a big hurry.  This NEW ball is a must for pool table owners, especially for those who have recently replaced their felt.  Keep it in great shape.  The importance of  perfect unblemished balls cannot be underestimated.


It is no accident that there is glare in the pic.  It shines brilliantly!


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